Township Government

York Township is located in Medina County, Ohio about 25 miles south of Cleveland and 25 miles west of Akron. The township is governed by a Board of Township Trustees composed of three trustees and a township fiscal officer. These are elected positions which have staggered four-year terms. Every two years, either one trustee and the fiscal officer or two trustees run for election. The Board of Trustees decides issues of York Township policy and is responsible for all expenditures of township funds. The board also appoints all zoning officials and hires township employees.

The authority of township government is limited to only those specific duties which are designated under Ohio State Law in the Ohio Revised Code. Township responsibilities include the care and maintenance of township roads, police protection, fire protection, and cemeteries.

Townships do not have the authority to pass laws or offer many basic services. Many of the services commonly associated with local government are under the legal jurisdiction of the county, state, or federal government. These include water and sewer, animal control, maintenance of county, state, and U.S. highways, environmental protection and public health. Although they have no legal authority over these services, township officials can act as community spokespersons to take local problems to the attention of higher officials and assist them with finding solutions. The York Township Trustees are always available to assist citizens with problems dealing with York Township, Medina County, the state of Ohio, and even federal government.

Regular trustee meetings are open to the public and held the fourth (4th) Thursday of every month. Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and are held at the Fire Station complex located at 6609 Norwalk Road in Mallet Creek.

Peggy Russell
Fiscal Officer
Telephone: 330-722-0185
Serving York Township since 2018

Richard M. Monroe
Telephone: 330-723-5224
Serving York Township since 2006

Todd A. Zieja
Telephone: 440-732-0533
Serving York Township 2018-2021 and since August 2023

Christopher Kosman
Telephone: 330-241-5699
Serving York Township since 2024