York Township Cemetery



– New burials – 3 sprays or arrangements allowed; will be removed and discarded after 3 days by cemetery personnel unless mounted on a shepherds hook or top mount saddle
– Spring Clean-up – graves are to be cleaned off prior to the 2nd week of March; if any decorations are left they will be removed and discarded by cemetery personnel unless mounted on a shepherds hook or top mount saddle
– Ground decorations – prohibited from May 1st through November 1st; when getting the cemetery ready for the weekly mowing, an item not discarded will be placed in a bin next to the cemetery garage. It will remain there for two weeks. After that period, it will be disposed of.
– Live or artificial flowers are permitted year round if mounted on a shepherds hook or top mount saddle
– Memorial Day decorations may be placed 1 week before Memorial Day and are to be removed 1 week after Memorial Day

Full policy is available here: Cemetery policy updated August 2023
Cemetery Policy is subject to change.

Cemetery closes at dusk

Theresa, Cemetery Sexton
Email:  tm4petrey@yorktwp.org
Office:  by appointment only
Find a Grave, Millions of Cemetery Records:  www.findagrave.com/cemetery
Geocaching on Township Property:  www.yorktwp.org/geocaching

Fee Schedule – Cemetery and Townhall updated January 2024
Payments must be made by check or money order, payable to York Township.
We are unable to accept cash or credit cards at this time.

Prices are subject to change.


• Prior to finalizing purchase, all sizes, designs, styles & placement of cemetery headstone, monuments & footers should be submitted in writing to the York Township Cemetery Sexton for approval.

Landon Wilson from Boy Scouts of America Troop 500 teamed up with York Township in planning and constructing a decoration drop box that will be used at the York Township Cemetery to hold discarded decorations from the plots. The box is located by the cemetery building on the west side.  

Landon Wilson and fellow Troop 500 scouts pictured with Landon’s completed Eagle Scout Project.

Landon (left) and troop members applying varnish to the collection box.

If you have a loved one who served in the military and is buried in the York Township Cemetery, please complete the form on our Veterans page so we can ensure all Veterans are recognized for their service.

Ensuring each Veteran receives a flag and marker on their grave is important to us, if you notice either are not placed at your loved ones grave please call the office or email us at tm4petrey@yorktwp.org and we will take care of it immediately.