Cemetery Policy
New Burials: Three sprays or arrangements allowed. They will be removed after three days by cemetery personnel. Decorative borders such as mulch , stone, or fencing around lots are not permitted.

Memorial Decorations: May be placed one week prior and will be removed one week after the holiday. (Unless on shepherds hook or top mount saddle)

Decorations: Decorations, live or artificial, on ground are prohibited from May 1st through November 1st. Live or artificial flowers are permitted year round when they are mounted on a shepherds hook or a top mount saddle. Ground decorations are permitted from November 1st to the first week of March.

Spring Cemetery Cleanup: Graves are to be cleaned off the second week of March or decorations will be discarded by cemetery personnel. Memorial plantings such as trees and bushes will be allowed with the guidance and approval of Township Trustees or cemetery sexton. Certain areas will be designated.

Cemetery closes at dusk


Theresa, Cemetery Sexton
Email:  tm4petrey@yorktwp.org

Cemetery Fees

Resident Taxpayer$500 each
Non-resident Taxpayer $750 each
Non-resident $1,500 each
Burial Fees:Mon.-Fri. SaturdaySunday
Ashes$400 each$500None/special arrangement
Baby Coffin (17 & Under)$450 each$550
Adult Coffin$800 each$1000
Cemetery Footers:
Two ft.$300
Three ft.$400
Four ft.$500
Above Four ft.To be determined by size