Erhart Fire Department

Our department has been known throughout the area as a leader in the delivery of fire and emergency services. Highly motivated firefighters working under the supervision of dedicated officers enable us to succeed in a challenging and rapidly evolving profession. As such, our conduct is of up most importance and must be maintained at all times.


The vision of the Erhart/York Township Fire Department is to become the finest fire service organization possible by utilizing and developing our members to their fullest potential, maximizing our use of the resources available to us, and being responsive to the growth and changing needs of our community.


Our mission is to protect the lives, property, and environment of the people who live, work, play, and travel in, and through, York Township.


The values of the Erhart/York Township Fire Department provide its members with a framework for making management decisions and guiding individual behavior. Our value system describes those attributes that make the organization and our members assets to the community.

We value:

Human Life: Our top priority
Service: Our reason for existence
Excellence: Our goal
Integrity: The basis for trust
Accountability: Personal and professional
Cooperation: To achieve common goals
Innovation: For creative problem solving
Education: For growth


1. Protective Services: Provide high quality service in a timely manner that meets recognized standards of care and produces customer  satisfaction.

2. Preventive Services: Provide high quality timely service that meets recognized standards of life safety and produces customer satisfaction.

3. Human Resource Management: Create a secure working environment that allows its members to accomplish the mission of the organization and provide self-satisfaction.

4. Physical Resource Management: Develop a system that ensures that the department’s facilities, apparatus, equipment, and supplies are adequate to accomplish the mission of the organization.